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Transform your actions into fantastic discounts.


Let's know more about our SicilyPoints

SicilyPoints have now arrived! Your actions on SicilySite now are turned into points that you can use to get great discounts and rewards. Earning points and getting discounts have never been so easy!

There are so many ways to earn SicilyPoints:

  • Registration on SicilySite = 100 SicilyPoints
  • Every 3 orders = 50 SicilyPoints
  • Every € 1 spent = 1 SicilyPoint

Every 100 SicilyPoints you will get a €5,00 discount.

Once you reach 100 SicilyPoints you can convert your points into money directly at the time of buying a product or continue to accumulate other points and use them when you want to.

The SicilyPoints have a duration of 365 days (1 year). At the end of the 365 days the SicilyPoints are reset.

You can use SicilyPoints with any product not discounted on Sicilysite Shop.

My SicilyPoints

In the section dedicated to your account, you can see how many Sicilypoints you have and your order history.